All My Ex’s Live in (a yurt)

September 16, 2019

ALL MY EX'S LIVE IN (A YURT): Arnie and Alyssa’s past comes back to haunt them. Arnie’s aversion to tea WILL BE tested. Mike and Jackie will have to deal with the fallout. TO THE WOODS!


This episode was a co-production of MIM Creatives and Techmagic Design.

Created and Directed by Joseph H White

Audio directed and designed by Robert Horbostel 

Produced by Ellen Domonkos White


Written by Cara Winter




Alicia Frame as Jackie

Natalie Rae as Alyssa

Alex B Reynolds as Arnie

Christopher Waldren as Mike


Jennifer Blair-Bianco as Tabitha

Jason Karstetter as Greg

Judy Schindler as Mail Lady

Ellen Domonkos White as Bookstore Owner


The Meet/Cute writers room includes

Larissa Zageris, Cara Winter, Joseph H. White, and Alex Reynolds. 


If you loved the writing for this episode check out Cara’s short film DIVISION, starring Jennifer Blair-Bianco, who played Tabitha in this week’s episode of Meet/Cute. You can also learn more about Cara Winter at


Meet/Cute is a co-production of MIM Creatives and Techmagic Designs. 



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