Holiday Spectacular Finale

December 2, 2019

A classic over-the-top, rom-com holiday musicale finale! There will be reflecting. There will be cameos. Laughter. Tears. One big shebang send off to Alyssa, Arnie, Jackie, and Mike...let's see what happens next.


Written and Directed by Joseph H. White

Musical Direction by Meagan Piccochi

Original Music and Lyrics by Meagan Piccochi

Audio Design by Robert Hornbotsel 

Recorded by L.J. Luthringer and Robert Hornbostel

Produced by Ellen Domonkos White



Alicia Frame as Jackie

Natalie Rae as Alyssa

Alex B. Reynolds as Arnie

Christopher Waldron as Mike



Guy Schingoethe 

Ericka Schingoethe

Alison Connelly

Samantha Mitchell 

Jessica Rae Olsen

Meagan Piccochi

Lindsey Falls

Jessica Vann

Jeff Derrico


The Meet/Cute writers room includes Joseph H. White, Larissa Zageris, Cara Winter, Meagan Piccochi, and Alex B. Reynolds. 


Special thanks to Laura Coleman, Sterling Schingoethe, Sebastian White, Simon Dennis, Windy City Playhouse, Mrs. Murphy and Son’s.


Meet/Cute is a co-production of MIM Creatives and Techmagic Designs. We’ll see you next time!

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