Things You Can’t Unsee

October 14, 2019

Everyone is grasping to figure out how they feel about Alyssa's big news. Arnie is crashing, Mike is trying to fix things, and Jackie literally releases the hounds.


Created and Directed by Joseph H White

Written by Cara Winter 

Audio Direction and Design by Robert Hornbostel

Produced by Ellen Domonkos White



Alicia Frame as Jackie

Natalie Rae as Alyssa

Alex B. Reynolds as Arnie

Christopher Waldron as Mike




Jen Vance as the Mariano's bartender


The Meet/Cute writers room feature

Larissa Zageris, Cara Winter, Alex B. Reynolds, Meagan Piccochi, and Joseph H. White.




We’ll be recording our 1st Season finale in front of a live audience. Join us at Mrs. Murphy and Son's on November 1, 2019 at 7pm.  




We’ll be starting a Kickstarter soon! This podcasting business isn’t free, ya’ll. We have server expenses and most importantly A LOT of very talented people deserve to get paid for their time. We won’t be asking for somthing for nothing though. We’re busy coming out with great prizes up to and including exclusive content and/ or permanently tattooing doners names somewhere on my body.  More details to come. 


Meet/Cute is a co-production of MIM Creatives and Techmagic Designs. 

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