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July 8, 2019

Two podcast hosts clash when they find out their podcasts have the SAME NAME!


This episode was written and directed by Joseph H. White and audio directed and designed by Robert Hornbostel



Alicia Frame as Jackie

Natalie Rae as Alyssa

Alex B Reynolds as Arnie

Christopher Waldron as Mike


Cara Winter as Rose, the tea shop owner


Allysa’s no good, terrible, very bad dates:

Sean Harklerode, Joe Kurtz, Donaldson Cadenas, Jeff Derrico


Also featuring performances by Jessica RaeMeagan Piccochi, Jennifer Ryder, Larissa Zageris 

Special thanks this week to Kitty Curran, Daniella Pereira, Benjamin Kass, Jason Karstetter

Meet/Cute is a co-production of MIM Creatives and Techmagic Designs. 

Next Episode on Monday, July 22

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